Yamchinova Daria
How did we know - I do not remember, but it was great. Cozy atmosphere, interesting topics and many new things... These 4 years were not in vain. Red Cat should only develop for the better.
Drawing is my hobby. I do this not only outside the home.

I do not remember what course it belong to.

How many colors the camera is able to convey!

The Red Cat taught me a lot. This is a really exciting place. Good teachers who will help explain the topic. And, of course, change! Delicious cookies and tea, a very pleasant part of the lesson.
It is a pity that there are no graphics tablets in the Red Kota. I think they would be very useful, in many respects would play a role.
But, by the way, I am pleased. It is a pity that this is the last course.Ahead Red Cat is waiting only for improvements and new students, new talents!
Welcome, my advertisement (first). I really hope that it turned out normal. At least I think so ))
But I am sorry what is sloppy :^
I photograph, I would very much like to save up for a high-quality professional camera.
Photographing nature and smiling people is wonderful.
Thank you for listening to me. I was interested in talking about courses in a design school. I hope to meet again!
But I hope that we will meet again, an occasional guest <:
If you're interested... Then the link to the VK below:
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